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What is Siemens Dynamo?

Siemens Dynamo is an open innovation program of Siemens Digital Industries. The program’s goal is to serve as a commercialization vehicle for start-up companies with Siemens, its customers and partners.

We are looking for innovative companies in the Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation domains.

What are our current search areas?


Supply Chain & Logistics

Robotics & Automation

Climate Tech

Artificial Intelligence

Digital Twin

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Ran Livnat

Tovi Yadin

Stefan Holzhauer

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Why should you work with us?

Value for Startups

  • Access to Siemens' ecosystem of customers and partners
  • Access to Siemens' internal network of experts
  • Early product validation
  • Use of relevant Siemens Technologies

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How do we work?

  • Innovation leadership 
  • Expand your product portfolio with external solutions
  • Hands-on support with:

Value for Siemens units

- Ventures validation

- Startups scouting

- Building first prototypes

  • First to market with innovative solutions
  • Stay up to date on the latest technology trends
  • Early stage investment opportunities

Value for Partners

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AboutTeamStartupsHow do we work?

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Email: dynamo.il@siemens.com 

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Focused on taking start-ups on our Digital Transformation journey.

Passionate about technologies and people, and the combination of both.

Innovation strategist who loves to expand his network and connect people.

Siemens Dynamo is an open innovation program of Siemens Digital Industries. The program’s goal is to serve as a commercialization vehicle for start-up companies with Siemens, its customers, and its partners.

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Felix Engelke

Open-minded generalist who is enthusiastic about creating sustainable product innovations.