Siemens Dynamo is a Commercialization Program for startups
Our goal is to create a mutually beneficial relationship between Startups and Siemens
Ability to test-run real use cases in a production environment with feedback from partners and customers
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About Us

Siemens Dynamo is an open innovation program launched in Tel-Aviv in 2018. the program’s goal is to serve as a commercialization vehicle for start-up companies with Siemens and with Siemens’ customers and partners. We are looking to integrate innovative companies into the global ecosystem of Siemens Digital Industries. We will create a hand-tailored plan for companies accepted to Siemens Dynamo program. This includes matching to the relevant business unit(s) within Siemens and setting-up a working plan to achieve mutual success. The program also includes access to a physical space at SOSA, Tel-Aviv, equipped with a variety of Siemens Factory Automation and industrial software products. Member companies will also have access to Siemens’ Mindsphere cloud-based IIoT platform.


Ran Livnat

Business Development expertise, focused on taking start-ups on our Digital Enterprise journey

Tali Segall

Passionate about fostering internal and open innovation in Siemens

Haim Piratinskiy

Industrial systems expert and serial entrepreneur in IIOT

Alexandre Bonay

26 years of experience in Industrial divisions of Siemens across EU. Alex is a cultural bridge builder and innovation scout.







Digital Industries
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75,000 Employees

€15.59 bn Revenue

Smart Infrastructure
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71,000 Employees

€14.45 bn Revenue

Gas and Power
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65,000 Employees

€18.13 bn Revenue

Siemens Mobility
Image is not available

34,200 Employees

€8.82 bn Revenue

Siemens Healthineers
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50,000 Employees

€13.43 bn Revenue

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy
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23,000 Employees

€9.12 bn Revenue

Financial Services
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The Financial Services Division helps enterprise
customers implement investment projects by
providing project related and structured financing
as well as leasing and equipment financing.
The success of Financial Services is based on a
unique combination of risk management
competence, technological expertise and reliable
financial resources. Through our international
network of SFS companies, we provide subject
to country specific legal requirements a broad
range of financial solutions.

powered by Siemens
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Next47 is an independent, global venture firm backed by Siemens AG. We combine capital with hands on business development capabilities that help our portfolio companies grow revenue through the Siemens ecosystem. Next47 works with start ups that use deep and frontier technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, cybersecurity, autonomous driving, IoT, robotics, and advanced manufacturing to solve the most difficult and fundamental industry challenges facing Siemens and Siemens customers. Next47 is also an enabler of “ intrapreneurialism ” within Siemens. The Next47 Accelerator, a program built in partnership with Alchemist, aims to identify and nurture big, breakthrough ideas within Siemens with the goal of empowering internal talent to create new business opportunities for the company.

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